Stop, Reflect & Listen . . . the beginning

Never in the history of humanity have we had access to so much knowledge, never has so much information been available for humanity to make intelligent decisions on governance, quality of life and the environment.

Yet, we stand before our perhaps greatest challenge as a humanity blindfolded, deaf and dumbstruck; unable to utter the words that will take us all from theory to concerted action.

Why this paralysis, why these paradoxes of the mind? And I continue to ask:

Will you help me?

In this book, a collection of blogs, I will present a few reflections that have helped me Stop, Reflect & Listen, and brought me to the realization that whatever we do, it must be something very different from all that has been done before, being all those things that have brought us here. Indeed, how can we even think of doing something different if our thinking limits us to doing only that which we know, and all this knowledge has been built, collected, memorized and programmed into and by the system we are trying to change; certainly an impossible task!

It is my hope therefore that if we can unlearn our psychological past, reflect on our practical knowledge and listen to the winds of change; embracing this spectacular opportunity to create a life worth living in it’s fullest manifestation . . . then we may truly have a chance to not only survive as a species, but live creating more than we destroy on this fragile planet.

Before we begin on this journey of discovering the truly unknown, allow me to start by telling you a little about myself. Why you ask? Well I am as much part of this system which has brought us to this point in our evolution as anyone on the planet, and I admit, I am writing this book for myself. It is my hope that I may learn something new by writing these reflections and sharing them with you, so that perhaps a dialogue may ensue. So I begin with myself, so that you know the circumstances which have brought me to this point, which have made me choose these words, for surely these words are chosen because of my background, my learning, my environment and the people I have had the fortune, or misfortune to encounter on my path.

Finally, before I begin, may I mention the gravity of this task which lies ahead? We stand before the possible end of humanity as a species, the extinction of life as we know it. And we know how it is happening, and we know who is doing it; it is you, it is me, and the man and woman across the street. We are all the problem, and we are all the solution, and I know that we can make the right choices if we just learn to Stop, Reflect, and Listen.

to be continued . . .


About christersoderberg

Living and growing up in nine countries has left strong impressions on the background of Christer Söderberg, helping to create an awareness of the impermanence in life and the uncertain value of knowledge; illustrating the paradox between knowing and what we may do well to “unlearn”. Christer has worked with companies in six countries on four continents, most recently in Brazil where between 1998 and 2002 he started a subsidiary for a Swedish Multinational. Studies in business and a lifetime of social entrepreneurship have further cemented his belief that the only thing we can change is ourselves. This lifelong endeavor expresses itself in creating the conditions for change through places, physical and virtual spaces where the individual can feel safe in him/herself; at least enough to stop, reflect and listen to the world we live in. We exist in our relationship to each other, our environment, and ourselves. Through observation and silence, preferably in close communion with nature, a “zero perspective” can help stimulate the questions surrounding our purpose and a meaningful contribution while on earth. Increased awareness of individual potential plants seeds for long-term success; Open World initiatives help awaken the hidden potential in individuals, creating new perspectives on cooperation and personal development. Increased focus and balance help provide a strong base for individual and business growth, with a deeply ingrained sense of responsibility, respect and awe for the power in nature.
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