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Living and growing up in nine countries has left strong impressions on the background of Christer Söderberg, helping to create an awareness of the impermanence in life and the uncertain value of knowledge; illustrating the paradox between knowing and what we may do well to “unlearn”. Christer has worked with companies in six countries on four continents, most recently in Brazil where between 1998 and 2002 he started a subsidiary for a Swedish Multinational. Studies in business and a lifetime of social entrepreneurship have further cemented his belief that the only thing we can change is ourselves. This lifelong endeavor expresses itself in creating the conditions for change through places, physical and virtual spaces where the individual can feel safe in him/herself; at least enough to stop, reflect and listen to the world we live in. We exist in our relationship to each other, our environment, and ourselves. Through observation and silence, preferably in close communion with nature, a “zero perspective” can help stimulate the questions surrounding our purpose and a meaningful contribution while on earth. Increased awareness of individual potential plants seeds for long-term success; Open World initiatives help awaken the hidden potential in individuals, creating new perspectives on cooperation and personal development. Increased focus and balance help provide a strong base for individual and business growth, with a deeply ingrained sense of responsibility, respect and awe for the power in nature.

Energy & Economy: Smoke, Mirrors, …and Power Games

How will you adapt to the rapidly changing developments in energy supply and demand? How does this relate to an already strained international economy? Energy drives our economy, and the burning of fossil fuels is the acknowledged main culprit (See … Continue reading


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Distracted for ten or fifteen seconds…

Modern noise, TV, media, music, thoughts… Where is my head? Where is my heart? The two men came walking across the wide promenade in the last rays of afternoon sunlight. Smartly dressed and good looking, they could have been well-to-do … Continue reading

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Time to get serious…

Roll up your sleeves, unbutton your shirt, loosen your pants, sit down, and do nothing… actively! That’s something I look forward to doing more of this year of 2015. It’s something I started doing about twelve years ago after spending … Continue reading

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Business Revisited

The biochar event was great; 30+ people showed up, mostly from the west coast of the island. One hour theory and two hours of practice, and lots of time to chat and network in-between. We found out that this was … Continue reading

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Sustainability and Leadership, Some Reflections

A short presentation delivered during a workshop on sustainability and leadership in June 2009 to the European Professional Women’s Network (EPWN).

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Homeschooling world changers

Originally posted on Professor Jem Bendell:
“Why are we running around trying to be more successful in a system that is driving us to collective suicide?” At a conference on women’s leadership, I spoke about the role of education in…

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IPEMA at Ubatuba, Brazil

The Atlantic Rainforest stream at the Permaculture Institute of The Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Rainforest)

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Me, Myself and I . . .

So many words have been written of the Ego; the egoist, the egocentric, the destroyer of values . . . what, who, where is this beast? – and how can we recognize him (I’m talking about me here . . … Continue reading

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Stop, Reflect & Listen . . . the beginning

Never in the history of humanity have we had access to so much knowledge, never has so much information been available for humanity to make intelligent decisions on governance, quality of life and the environment. Yet, we stand before our … Continue reading

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Of Doors and Carrots . . .

These past several weeks have been very intense; it seems almost as if there is a growing awareness, awareness of the urgency for change, and it’s growing fast. More important than ever to take time out to Stop, Reflect & … Continue reading

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