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The Refugee Crisis: Let’s look at Energy, Economy and Ecology

The unfolding and increasingly tragic refugee crisis is creating a profound awareness around the war in Syria. Not to be forgotten are refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Eritrea, also risking their lives to reach Europe. What do these … Continue reading


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Safe Journey to Freedom

I sit in front of my computer screen. It’s early in the morning, it’s September 12, 2015.  What happened on this day fourteen years ago, the day after the twin towers collapsed, the day North America announced its “war on … Continue reading

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Gorleben Revisited – The Power of Polarity

Gorleben Revisited – The Power of Polarity Nuclear Power, the Renewables Industry, and “Limits to Growth” The Power of Polarity refers to the power which results from delving deeply, very deeply into a subject, having the courage, and persistence of … Continue reading

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