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It’s Not The Trees!

As I sit in my room no. 1 of the quaint Pousada Dona Zilah, a family owned and run inn located in the trendy Jardim district of São Paulo; a two story building surrounded by 10 to 15 story apartment … Continue reading

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COP 15 and Sustainable Communities

Opening the Swedish “Svenska Dagbladet” Sunday paper today I read “Meeting Doomed to Failure”, referring to the upcoming COP 15 conference and summit taking place in 29 days (they are counting the days). The debate article is by Danish Björn … Continue reading

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Awareness Day

October 24th will surely go down in history for the many events, actions, rallies, and meetings. It’s United Nations Day and it’s International Day of Climate Action ( At Open World Café we are contributing by having an “Organic (Low … Continue reading

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